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"Phang-Nga and Krabi 5 Days 4 Night"
Trip to Phang-Nga and KNC Krabi
Day 1 : 18 May 2009 at Phang-Nga and Krabi

     The plan for the trip was to spend a week or so at KNC to learn the local bird calls and birding trails.

     We left Phuket Island at around 7.30 am and headed straight to Ao Phang-Nga National Park. We wanted to try out our new bird song player/recorder (Ipod) to see if we could call out the local specialities. It worked very well, we got
Mangrove Pitta, Black-and-Red Broadbill and Brown-winged Kingfisher. We also heard Ruddy Kingfisher but he didn’t show himself to us.

     We left Ao Phang-Nga at midday and went a couple of Kilometres to Queen’s Park for the Jungle Mynas a friend had told us was there. We couldn’t find them but we got some good pictures of the
Rufous-bellied Swallows that nest on the cliffs there.
                                                                  Rufous-bellied Swallow             Ruddy Kingfisher

    We arrived at the Morakot Resort around 4.30 pm, checked in and went birding on the road until last light.

 Brown-winged Kingfisher
Mangrove Pitta
 Puff-throated Babbler 
Day 2 : 19 May 2009 In Krabi

     We left the Resort at 6.15 am to walk the road again only seeing a variety of the more common Babblers and an
Orange-breasted Trogon.

     We entered the forest on Trail “N” and listened out for the Banded Pittas Ian had seen there the previous week but no luck. Instead we got
Dark-throated Oriole, Puff-throated Babbler, a pair of Black-naped Monarch building a nest and Green Broadbill. This time of year Blue-winged Pittas are common here but we still haven’t got any good pictures yet.

     We next went to check on a Red-throated Barbet’s nest. To our surprise the stump had been cut down and was on the floor with the nest hole facing up. The chick was still in the nest so we carefully leaned the stump up against a tree to stop the rain flooding the nest. The mother was still around and visited the nest after we left.

     On the way back we had good views of
Cream-vented Bulbul, Great Iora and a selection of flowerpeckers. Time to get back to the hotel now. Shower, dinner, cold beers and bed.
       Green Broadbill                    Dark-throated Oriole             Red-throated Barbet
Blue-winged Pitta
Black-naped Monarch

Cream-vented Bulbul
Day : 3 In Krabi

     Another early start, this time to check out the Oriental Dwarf and Rufous-collared Kingfishers a few kilometers from the park. It turned out the road was impassable and we spent a good hour digging the car out of the mud. One good thing came of it though, we noticed that every time we walked over a certain wooden bridge we flushed a lot of birds out, I waited a couple of minutes to see what came back and was rewarded with a
Blue-eared Kingfisher landing a metre from me. Most of the other birds were Bulbuls coming in to drink and bathe. We were now covered in mud from digging the car out so headed back to the resort for a shower.

     We looked for other roads to the kingfisher site but had no luck so decided to have another walk along trail “N”.

     After only 50 metres we heard a birding calling, first we thought that it was a Blue-winged Pitta but the call was a bit different, we walked closer and found it to be a
Hooded Pitta. We had great views and got some nice photos. The rest of the day was interrupted by showers. 
Black-crested Bulbul
Blue-eared Kingfisher
  Vernal Hanging Parrot                 Plaintive Cuckoo              Grey-rumped Treeswift
Day : 4 In Krabi Still

     We had an enforced lie-in due to poor weather. At about 7.30 am we decided to walk the more open trails around the edge of the park. We left the cameras behind because of the weather but had good views of Vernal Hanging Parrot, Grey-rumped Treeswift, Plaintive Cuckoo and Blue-winged Pitta.

     We entered the forest on trail “B” and along the trail saw Black-capped Babbler, Banded Pitta and Green Broadbill.

     Back at the resort our lunch was interrupted by a Blue-winged Pitta calling from a tree in the garden. We got the scope on it and invited the other lunchtime guests to come and have a look. Many oohs and aahs were heard as the other guests said it was the most beautiful bird they’d ever seen.

     Rain and more rain so I decided to stay in the resort this afternoon, Ian went by himself to the trails, he came back with a picture of a Large Wren-Babbler (jealous me, why I don’t go with him). 
Banded Pitta
Black-capped Babbler
Large Wren-Babbler
Day 5 : In Krabi

     The weather was very good and we had a long walk along trails “B”, “C”, “D” and “E”. Along we way we picked up good photos of
Black-capped Babbler, Green Broadbill and Fulvous-chested Flycatcher.

     In the early afternoon we visited a
Large-tailed Nightjar’s nest and saw both the mother and her two chicks. Later on we went back to the bridge with the bathing Bulbuls to see what would come in. We put up the hide and were rewarded with close views of bathing Blue-eared Kingfisher, Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher, White-bellied Munia, Asian Paradise Flycatcher and half a dozen species of Bulbul. It will be interesting to see what comes in when the winter visitors are around.

     That evening we waited outside the resort for the Great Eared Nightjars which often appear at dusk but no luck for us this evening.

     We’d had a good trip, gained some experience calling out birds and learn a few more bird calls. 
Large-tailed Nightjar
Asian Paradise Flycatcher
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