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"8 Days 7 Nights to Phang-Nga, KC and KNC National Parks" 
Trip to Phang-Nga, Nhakon Sri Thammarat and Krabi 8 days 7 night with Mr. Dave Sargeant, a very experienced world birder. 
Dave had traveled down from Pai in Northern Thailand for a week’s birding with myself and Ian in our favorites Southern locations.

Day 1 : 26 June 2009 in Phang-Nga 

We left Phuket in Dave’s car for Sri Phang-Nga National Park, getting there around midday. We started birding straight away and heard
Black-and-Yellow Broadbills even as we were getting out of the car, on the way to the HQ for lunch we also picked up Hooded Pitta and Green Broadbill

We met a Thai birder we had bumped into a couple of weeks before in Krung Ching NP so he joined us for the rest of the day. Along the trail to the waterfall we got Checker-throated Woodpecker and
Black-capped Babbler. On the way back we saw a Reticulated Python and a Clouded Monitor Lizard.

We stayed around at dusk to look for Frogmouths, we didn’t have any luck but we did get to see a beautiful
Slender Toed Gecko on the road. We then headed off to the Baan Khun Ta Resort not far from the Park. A basic but clean hotel but with no restaurant. We had to drive about 20 km to find a restaurant with food and beer. 
      Slender Toed Gecko               Reticulated Python            Clouded Monitor Lizard 
Black-and-Yellow Broadbill
Hooded Pitta
Black-capped Babbler
Day 2 : 27 June 2009 in Phang-Nga

We left the resort at 6 am to breakfast at the open area at the HQ in the hope of seeing some hornbills. Soon after arriving we heard some Great Hornbill
and while looking for them spotted three Wreathed Hornbills on the same hillside.


It was a day of patchy rain and few birds. After a quiet morning we went to Laem Pakarang to see what shore birds were around this time of year. Very few, we only saw
Pacific Reef Egret, Little Tern and Whimbrel.


The afternoon session back at Sri Phang-Nga was a little better with sightings of
Rufous-bellied Eagle, Grey-and-Buff Woodpecker, Blue-eared Kingfisher, Plain Sunbird and Violet Cuckoo.
         Violet Cuckoo                    Blue-eared Kingfisher        Grey-and-Buff Woodpecker
Great Hornbill
 Pacific Reef-Egret
Little Tern
Day 3 : 28 June 2009 in Phang-Nga and Krung Ching National Park

Another very quiet morning at Sri Phang-Nga,
Grey-bellied Bulbul being the only bird of note. The weather was still bad as we headed of to Khao Luang Krung Ching NP, a four hour drive. On our way in we picked up some mealworms to bait the forktails with.

Dave and Ian went birding on the main trail to Krung Ching Waterfall but I decided to sit in the hide and try to get some photos of White-crowned Forktails but had no luck, only getting good views of a
Shrew-faced Ground Squirrel.

The guys came back with good news, they’d seen White-crowned Forktail, Black Hornbill and a flock of Sultan Tits.

We’d also seen some good mammals today including
Dusky Langur, Malaysian Weasel and Plantian Squirrel
As usual we stayed at the basic but very friendly Krung Ching Garden Resort. 
Grey-bellied Bulbul
Sultan Tit 
Day 4 : 29 June 2009 Krung Ching NP

After an early rise we walked the main waterfall trail again today. What a change from Sri Phang-Nga NP, interesting birds at every turn. We started off with
Grey-throated Babbler, next up was Streaked Wren-Babbler. A Trogon fest was started by tracking Diard’s down a hundred metres off the trail followed by Scarlet-rumped and Orange-breasted. The morning was capped off by a Rail Babbler.

I wanted to try and photograph the Rail-Babbler so Dave and I went back to the car to get the hide while Ian stayed at the Loom Por Yak area to get some pictures of the
Diard’s Trogon

I had a good afternoon with the camera getting good shots of both the
Rail Babbler and the White-crowned Forktail.

We hung around at dusk to look for night birds in the “Bus Stop” area. We found
Brown Hawk-Owl and were lucky enough to see a Giant Flying-Squirrel gliding from tree to tree near the entrance gate.
         Rail Babbler            White-crowned Forktail           Brown Hawk-Owl
Grey-throated Babbler
Streaked Wren-Babbler
Diard's Trogon
Day 5 : 30 June 2009 Krung Ching NP

Today we walked the birding trail from the “bus stop” area. This trail makes it’s way under a ridge and moves in and out of the forest. We got some different birds from the trail to the waterfall, we picked up Green Broadbill,
Great Iora, Grey-and-Buff Woodpecker and Banded Woodpecker. On the way back to the car we found a beautiful and lethal Kanburi Viper right next to the trail. We had probably walked within inches of it on our way through.

In the afternoon I staked out Banded Pitta from the hide but they didn’t come out today. The guys went for another walk on the waterfall trail and picked up many good birds including
White-crowned Hornbill, Olive-backed Woodpecker, Buff-necked Woodpecker and Black-throated Babbler. As we got back to the HQ area the wardens showed us a flock of Sultan Tits moving through the trees.

That evening the wardens also helped us find Blyth’s Frogmouth high in a tree near the restaurant.
  Buff-rumped Woodpecker        Black-throated Babbler       Olive-backed Woodpecker
Kanburi Viper
Banded Woodpecker
Blyth's Frogmouth
Day 6 : 01 July 2009 Krung Ching NP and Khao Nor Chu Chi

This morning we just birded the open areas around the HQ for a couple of hours before driving to KNC. A fruiting tree brought in a variety of Bulbuls and a pair of Green Broadbills. 

At KNC we headed straight to our
White-bellied Munia stake-out and saw them within minutes. Dave was keen to go and look for the Blacked-backed Kingfishers but the road was so bad we couldn’t get through. 

We birded the dirt road until dusk picking up
Puff-backed Bulbul and Large-wren Babbler, a lifer for Dave. 
White-bellied Munia
Black-backed Kingfisher
Day 7 : 02 July 2009 Khao Nor Chu Chi

Today we concentrated on the road and trail “E” to try and find a couple of the more elusive Babblers. A couple of hundred metres along the trail we found two Green Broadbill chicks being fed by their parents. While we were watching them an Black-backed Kingfisher (red backed) flew in followed by a group of
Chestnut-rumped Babblers. I tried photographing them while Dave got some great recordings. Also seen were Scaly-crowned Babbler and Chestnut-bellied Malkoha.

After lunch we returned to the same trail to try to get some better photos of the Babblers. We found them but they kept their distance and called from cover. On our way to the Blue Pool we also had great views of a male Banded Pitta and a pair of
Ferruginous Babblers.

In the evening we went to the Hot Springs to look for night birds. After only a couple of minutes Dave spotted a
Blyth’s Frogmouth on a branch just a couple of metres away. We trained our spotlight on it and got some great photos. 
Ferruginous Babbler
Scaly-crowned Babbler
Day 8 : 03 July 2009 Khao Nor Chu Chi and Phang-Nga

A quick walk along the road before we left gave us a good look at a
Red-crowned Barbet and a Large Wren-Babbler

On the way back to Phuket we stopped at Ao Phang-Nga National Park for lunch and managed to call out a pair of
Black-and-Red Broadbills.

We’d had an excellent trip and after a slow start at Sri Phang-Nga Dave had had a couple of lifers and added many to his Thai list. We had also photographed eight new species. Thanks to Dave for driving us everywhere and tempting the birds out of the forest with his recordings.

Hope to see you again when you come down to Phuket next time. 
Red-crowned Barbet
Large Wren-Babbler
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