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Nature in Thailand

Nature abounds in Thailand. It is host to over 1,000 birds, around 1,000 butterflies, 10,000 moths, over 300 reptiles and countless beetles and other insects. Even the seas are teeming with life, we have recorded over 200 species of reef fish just snorkeling off our local beach.

Even after many years of nature trips, both locally and around the country, not a day goes by without us photographing some new creature.

We fully recommend that if you visit the country you spend some time in the forest with a local nature guide, it is sure to be a very enjoyable and memorable experience.
South Thailand
The south is comprised of the peninsula and many islands, both inshore and offshore. The nature in South Thailand is very different from that in the North, this is mainly due to the fact that the peninsula used to be an island itself and so it's flora and fauna have more in common with the Indonesian islands than with the Thai mainland. As the seasons in the South are less marked than in the North we have fewer winter visitors and more resident birds. This means that a large number of birds can be found at any time of the year.
The dry season starts between October and January depending on coastline and latitude. It similarly ends between May and August. It is worth noting however that even during the wet season the weather is generally good and the birding will only be interrupted occasionally.
There are numerous National Parks in the South. Some are in rain forest, some mangrove and others are marine. In all there are around five hundred species of birds in the South and on any given day we would expect to see between forty and one hundred depending on the habitats visited.
The peninsula is also a great place to see raptors as it is on the main migration path between China and Russia in the North and Malaysia and Indonesia in the South. In the province of Chumphon, where the peninsula is at it's narrowest, thousands of Buzzards, Sparrowhawks, Eagles and Bazas can be seen flying through every day in September and October.  
Birding in South Thailand
There are currently no permanent blinds set up in South Thailand. This means that almost all birding and photography is done on foot. We mainly bird along roads and well established trails but some of these can be quite steep and there will be the occasional scramble over or around a recent tree fall. For this reason we do not recommend our trips to anyone with mobility problems. At times we need to ford shallow streams so it is useful to travel with a pair of sandals. The weather is never cold but we can be hit by a passing shower at any time. It is a good idea to bring a light raincoat and/or collapsible umbrella. A dry bag is a good idea if you are carrying photographic gear. Other that all you need to bring is your binoculars, a hat, sun cream and insect repellent. Leech socks are useful in some areas and seasons.  


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