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Bueng Boraphet

Bueng Boraphet is a large freshwater lake in western central Thailand. We spend most of our time there on a boat but there are two areas of interest at the edge of the lake which are well worth visiting.

From the boat

Asian Openbill
Bronze-winged Jacana
Rusty-naped Pitta
Spot-billed Pelican
Indian Cormorant

The boats are flat bottomed and stable so are good for photography as a tripod can be used. They are noisy but once the engine is turned off we drift in slowly to our target. There are large areas of lotus lilies which provide an excellent backdrop to the photos. In other areas we slowly move down narrow canals where we can get close to Bitterns and Crakes. A few small islands provide roosting and breeding sites for the larger birds.
Baillon's Crake
Barn Swallow

The Nature Trail

Black-browed Reed Warbler
Blunt-winged Warbler
Oriental Reed Warbler
Freckle-breasted Woodpecker
White-shouldered Starling
At the visitors centre on the southern edge of the lake there is a nature trail which leads you along the sides of a series of well vegetated ponds. This area is good for getting up close to Reed Warblers and other small birds. There are often Starlings, Barbets and Orioles in the low trees.
Black-capped Kingfisher
Cinnamon Bittern


Kings Project

Savanna Nightjar
Siberian Rubythroat
Blue-tailed Bee-eater
Striated Grassbird
Plain-backed Sparrow
On the northern edge of the lake there is a large area of agricultural ponds with low shrubs around them. We visit this area for The Savanna Nightjar and the Siberian Rubythroat but there are many birds here and it is worth spending a whole afternoon driving slowly around and talking short walks.

Purple Heron
Grey Heron
Javan Pond Heron
Rufous-winged Buzzard
Long-tailed Shrike

All the photographs shown on this page were taken by ourselves at Bueng Boraphet.
 Cotton Pygmy Goose
Eastern Cattle Egret
Eastern Marsh-Harrier
 Pheasant-tailed Jacana
Miss Punjapa Phetsri (aka Games)
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