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Chiang Saen

Chiang Saen is famous for being one of the few places that Baer's Pochard can still be found over-wintering. Even here though it is no longer annual. Unfortunately the whole area has lost a lot of its good habitat over the years and due to that neither the birds nor the birders visit as much as they used to.

The Lake

Baer's Pochard
Common Pochard
Ferruginous Duck
Long-tailed Duck
Ruddy Shelduck

As the only large lake in the far north, any duck coming down for the winter tends to at least stop off here. We take a boat out in the early afternoon before the fishermen spook the ducks and move around slowly to see what's out there. There is a Harrier roost not far away which we visit in the late afternoon. Towards dusk dozens of Pied and Marsh harriers come in from the surrounding fields. This is also a good spot for Eastern Grass-owl.
Indian Spot-billed Duck
Tufted Duck

The River

Grey-throated Martin
Red Avadavat
Japanese White-eye
Great Cormorant

The Mekong at Chiang Saen has suffered a lot over recent years. Most of the bank has now been overlaid with concrete with the result that the good riverside habitat has gone. A few good birds can still be found though including River Lapwing, Grey-throated Martin, Small Pratincole and Temminck's Stint.

All the photographs shown on this page were taken by ourselves at Chiang Saen.
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