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Chumphon Province

The main reason to visit Chumphon is for the south bound raptor migration which passes through the area in October and November each year. During this period about half a million birds comprising about twenty five species fly through a narrow corridor near the east coast of the peninsula.
While in the area it is worth visiting the mangroves in order to look for the very rare Pale-capped Pigeon. The city of Chumphon can also be productive as the sports stadium acts as a night roost for a variety of Starlings. 

Khao Dinsor

 Black Kite
 Japanese Sparrowhawk
 Booted Eagle
White-throated Needletail
Chinese Sparrowhawk
The best spot to enjoy the raptor migration is from the top of Khao Dinsor (Pencil Hill). A trail has been laid up the hill from the car park.Towards the top of the hill are a series of shelters which look northward towards the oncoming birds.
The number of birds coming through on any given day depends mainly on the weather patterns further north. The birds tend to build up behind bad weather and then come down en masse after the weather clears. On a good day literally tens of thousands of birds can pass by. The height at which they pass is more dependent on the local weather. A strong northerly wind tends to keep the birds low, as does cloud. On these days the birds approach the hill from below you and then swoop above you only metres away. Of course, with this many birds coming so close the photography is excellent.
As well as raptors, a few other bird species migrate during the day and are easily seen.
The various species do not all come through at the same time. Most come over a period of a few weeks but some start in late September and others don't start until November. Let us know what you are interested in seeing and we will tell you the best time to visit.


 Pale-capped Pigeon
Grey-tailed Tattler
Brahminy Kite

We take a longtail boat from a pier north of Chumphon town out to the mangroves at the rivermouth. We then motor around slowly looking out for Pale-capped Pigeons flying between the islands. There are usually a few waders around and Pink-necked Green Pigeon is often seen. We usually visit this spot during a transfer from south Thailand to Central Thailand.


Municipal Park


Spotted Owlet
Vinous-breasted Starling
Chestnut-cheeked Starling
Liniated Barbet
Coppersmith Barbet

The park in Chumphon town is worth visiting in the late afternoon. If there are any trees in fruit then look for starlings. Over the years many different species have been seen. 
All the photographs on this page were taken by ourselves in Chumphon.
Miss Punjapa Phetsri (aka Games)
Site owner and guide.  
Blue-tailed Bee-eater

Crested Honey Buzzard

Pacific Swift
Black Baza
Grey-faced Buzzard
Peregrine Falcon
Pied Harrier