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Kaeng Krachan NP

Kaeng Krachan is probably the most visited forest in Thailand and for good reason. There are many areas to bird and to do it properly would take four to five days.
Most visitors sleep outside the park as there are no rooms inside. There are however two campsites in the park, one at the top of the mountain and one at the bottom.
A road runs 35km through the park and most of the birding is done along it. There are also a couple of trails in the river section.

Outside the park

 Bar-backed Partridge
Black-naped Monarch
Common Green Magpie
Kalij Pheasant
Large Scimitar Babbler

The highlight outside the park are the permanent hides that have been set up for many years now. These need to be booked in advance. In the mornings large birds like Kalij Pheasant, Red Jungle Fowl, Green-legged Partridge and Bar-backed Partridge come in to feed whereas the afternoons are dominated by smaller birds coming in to drink and bathe. Sometimes a real rarity appears like a Red-legged Crake or an Eared Pitta.
 Red-legged Crake
  Racket-tailed Treepie

Entrance road

 Black-and-red Broadbill
Golden-crested Myna
Great Hornbill
Great Slaty Woodpecker

The first 15km of the entrance road passes through secondary forest with a lot of bamboo. The early morning can be productive here with a chance of seeing Hornbills, Woodpeckers and Barbets. Fruiting fig trees bring in many Bulbuls and Pigeons. 
Dusky Broadbill
Green Cochoa

River Section

 Ferruginous Partridge
Orange-breasted Trogon
Silver-breasted Broadbill
Tickell's Brown Hornbill
White-fronted Scops Owl
About 1km after the campsite at Baan Krang the road enters better forest and is mainly under the canopy. A stream is forded by the road three times over a 2km stretch. This area is excellent for Orange-breasted Trogon, Silver-breasted Broadbill and Woodpeckers. A family of Tickell's Brown Hornbill nests here most years and often White-fronted Scops Owl is staked out. There are two trails heading into the forest where rarities such as Blue Pitta, Grey Peacock-pheasant, Ferruginous Partridge and White-tailed Flycatcher can sometimes be found.

Mountain top

 Long-tailed Broadbill
Von Schrenck's Bittern
Ratchet-tailed Treepie
Mountain Hawk-Eagle

After the river section the road starts to climb steeply up the mountain. The last 3km before the top is the area mostly birded mainly due to it being home to the Ratchet-tailed Treepie. This is the only spot it is known in Thailand, the next nearest location being Vietnam. Due to the elevation here different birds can be seen and heard including Great Barbet, Blue-throated Barbet, Black-throated Laughingthrush, Blyth's Shrike-babbler and Rufous-browed Flycatcher. Every year Long-tailed Broadbills nest along the road and in 2014 a Von Schrenck's Bittern made a home of the small pond at km27.
 Green-Legged Partridge
Pin-tailed Parrotfinch
Red-bearded Bee-eater
 Slaty-legged Crake
All the photographs shown on this page were taken by ourselves at Kaeng Krachan.
Miss Punjapa Phetsri (aka Games)
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