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Affiliated Sites
North Thailand Birding - Dave Sargeant's website about birds and sites in North Thailand, our sister site
Krung Ching Birding - A website owned by ourselves to promote this wonderful park
Phuket Nature ToursOur photo gallery of Thailand's wildlife
Tour Companies we guide for
Trogon Tours - Arizona based wildlife photography workshop and tour company
Birding Eco Tours - South Africa based birdwatching tour company
Birding2Asia - European based company offering bird watching tours to Asia
Raptours - USA based company offering worldwide raptor watching tours
Useful Local Sites
Phuket Bird Watching - South Thailand birding blog
Reciprical Links
Fat Birder - Global bird watching resources
BirdForum - Global birding community forums
Websites we advertise on
Bird Watching Magazine - British bird watching magazine and website
Bird Watch Magazine - British bird watching magazine and website