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Top Birding Locations

Following are the birding locations we most often visit in Thailand, grouped by region. See "Off the Beaten Track" for lesser known locations.


South Thailand

Provides not only good birding on forest trails but a chance to bird for raptors, Hornbills and Kingfishers from the comfort of a longtail boat.
An intense day's birding here in the spring will often produce sixty to seventy forest species including Pittas, Trogons, Forktails, Kingfishers and Babblers. Add to that the enigmatic Rail-Babbler and you've had a great day's birding.
Gurney's Pitta
This is a very challenging place for the birders but has it's rewards. Unfortunately Gurney's Pitta is no longer seen but Malayan Banded Pitta and Hooded Pitta are here. Also host to many other species that are very difficult elsewhere in Thailand.


Extensive forests, mangroves and islands provide excellent birding for a few days.
Pygmy Cotton Goose
Southern Thailand's largest freshwater lake. Herons, egrets, jacanas and waders abound.
Japanese Sparrowhawk
A province in the northern half of the peninsula famous around the world for the raptor migration which passes through each autumn.
Helmeted Hornbill
In the far South. Offers the best forest birding in south Thailand. A few days here can produce over 150 forest species. 
Provides a good introduction to the birds of South East Asia. A day out usually nets 50 to 70 species.

West Thailand

Ratchet-tailed Treepie
Due to its location at the meeting point of two biogeographical areas and its range of altitudes Kaeng Krachan is host to more birds than any other park in Thailand. Outside the park there are also a few permanent hides which are excellent for photography.
The world famous shorebird site where Spoon-billed Sandpiper is still a regular annual visitor.
Grey Peacock-Pheasant
Situated in the mountains to west of central Thailand this park has a curious mixture of birds from Kaeng Krachan NP half a day's drive to the south and Doi Inthanon half a day's drive to the North. It is also home to some Burmese birds not seen elsewhere in Thailand. Excellent for both photography and general birding.


Dry dipterocarp forest offers good bird and mammal watching opportunities. Many birds near the HQ are unafraid of people so good for photography too.
 Oriental Darter
A huge lake in Nakhon Sawan province in central Thailand. Excellent for photography and bird watching alike.


East Thailand

Coral-billed Ground Cuckoo
The northeast's main birding attraction. Famous in the birding world but less visited now as other parks become better known.


North Thailand

Baer's Pochard
An area of lakes, marshes and the Mekong river. The best place in Thailand for Ducks.

A mountain on the northern border with Myanmar offers the best birding in  north Thailand.
White-capped Redstart

Another northern mountain we visit for the stake-outs at the mountain top resort.


The highest mountain in Thailand offering the widest select of habitats in the area.
 White-bellied Woodpecker
Mature dipterocarp forest very good for large woodpeckers.
 Indochinese Yuhina
On the northern border with Laos. Worth visiting for the local rarities.
 Jerdon's Bush Chat
A short stop-off for a few rare birds.
 Little Pied Flycatcher
Very nice National Park offering good northern montane birding.
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